// I dont know what to do with this blog anymore, its like im getting tired of it. Maybe its time to delete it after being active for 4 years now. It doesnt get the attention like the old times. Maybe i’ll create another blog? maybe not? Who knows, but this is the blog’s end.

If you have something to say, do not hesitate on tell me.

// I know i’m not posting much but take this. I messed around with this thing and I made casual Jey and with his hunting armor that he barely uses. 

// The first thing that humans do when they are turning into zombies is eat whatever they have in front of them.

Jey: Ỳ̕͟ò̢͝u͘ ̷͏d͢ó̶͞n͡’̢͘t̡̕ ͜k̴nò̵w̶̕ ̴̀w̷hat̷ ͝y̕͢͡o̶u̴̧͡ ̨j͏̕u̶s̛t͢͡ ͏d҉í͝͝d͠.͞͏.͝.͜


"I Absolutely LOTH Enders. Now like I said before now, GET LOST!" The Ringmaster grins his teeth.

Jey: "I like this man! Also what about you, weird eyes? You have something against humans, huh? I know I’m not human but still…I was human.”

maxeth asked:
Jey: Tsk, you are really childish for being an Enderman.


James: I didn’t know there was a standard for endermen… I’m pretty sure that all enders have different personalities… and I guess I am chlidish. I don’t quite see how that matters.

(( Ouuu James’ spikes are up… You done got him maaaaaaad ))

Jey: I can’t believe people are scared of your kind when half of you are just kids in disguise. Give me a break. Also your pointy thingies are up, why is that?

((Jey is an asshole and he is gonna die…again))


// I cleaned up the inbox.

Send more please? I need to finish this m!a

// I cleaned up the inbox.

Send more please? I need to finish this m!a

Human!Manuel: But I…I don’t know! Don’t put this pressure on me!

M!A 5/7

Reblog if you DON’T only rp for the ship




I just want to see whose serious about rp. 



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